How to Play Three Card Poker

If you’re trying to learn how to play three card poker, this article will tell you a few tricks. Poker is a skill game, but it can be mastered. The secrets of how to play three card poker are common sense.

how to play three card poker

Most poker players are constantly misreading the cards and playing two hands. Instead of looking at the first hand and saying, “that looks like three, don’t I?,” they look at the third hand and say, “I bet that looks like three, too.” It’s actually much more likely that a player will assume he has a pair and assume there’s no more pairs. Playing more than one hand at a time, it’s more difficult to figure out if you have the same hand as the other players.

The first hand of the round should never be held without consulting with your partner. You need to know who has what before you bet. After you see that a specific hand is yours, you want to bet big. After each hand you take your time before wagering again, because you might end up with a bluff or two.

After your first hand, be sure you have enough chips to make it all the way through the next hand. After you have picked a hand of four cards, you’re not supposed to bet. Once you have found out your partner has a pair, either hold off on betting, or call. If you have seen a straight, pass. Remember to call the river so you can move your turn from the river.

While you are deciding which hand to play, consider the odds for both hands. What is the highest-bet hand that suits your hand? Play from there, rather than coming up with the best hand in the moment. Keep in mind that when you call with a card that you hold, your partner also has the option of calling, so don’t make your first bet if your partner doesn’t have a card.

Hold back the cards to reveal the most valuable cards. If you have a pair, put the other cards face down and keep them concealed. In every hand that is dealt, keep a running count of all the cards and look at the colors of the cards, including the suit. This keeps you from overshooting your potential hand.

Remember that you don’t always have to make the lowest bet. Don’t keep calling ten unless you are really convinced that’s the best bet. If you think it’s a good hand, bet as high as you can without seeing a better hand.

If you lose a pair and you have a better hand, just keep playing. Have some fun. By following these tips, you will be able to learn how to play three card poker at the table.